Success Stories


Lydia Briars, Just Strive Fitness

Nikki was my tutor for my L3 Diploma in Personal training with Premier Training, (now premier global) back in 2016/17 and really made the course enjoyable. I was lucky to have a great group of people on my course, who I am still in touch with today. Nikki will not only be your tutor but she will also be more like a friend. This makes her the perfect tutor for you! Thank you Nikki for all your support.

So what am I doing now as a qualified PT?
I started my own personal training business in December 2017 and have nearly finished my first year of being self employed. I own Just Strive Fitness, based in North Oxford. Leaving my full time office job was no easy decision, but I made the jump and I am so glad I did. Don’t get me wrong, being a PT is no easy job. When you care about your clients and truly want what’s best for them, you will put in the hours and be there every step of the way to support them. Being part of my clients health and fitness journey is such a privilege and I’m grateful to be able to share my passion, particularly for strength training with my clients. I’m all about educating, motivating and inspiring my clients, so they can lead a healthier life, and see exercise as part of their lifestyle and something that is essential for both their physical and mental well-being .

Take a look at my website to find out more about my business:

Good luck Nikki with your new venture of training more fitness professionals to be, supporting more people who are passionate about helping others make change in our society. Putting health first!”

Lydia Briars, Just Strive Fitness

Jason Salter

Before I begun my PT training, I was an IT Consultant spending 10+ hours per day in offices, meetings and wishing there was more to my life.

Despite turning 35, an opportunity came up and I decided to take it and go for a career change, having been in this industry now for 18 months, I’m not only a full-time day-time father but I run classes/boot camps, have multiple PT clients, launched a Run club summer 2018 then my Online Business launched Nov 2018.

This hasn’t been without it’s tough times, but you cannot give up, even if no one turns up at your class… keep coming back!

Jason Salter

Luziane Reed

Over a year ago I made the decision to quit my previous job which made me so unhappy and work with something I am truly passionate about.

I completed my level 3 PT course and I have never looked back since. I currently teach a few classes a week such spin, HIIT, LBT and mostly do one to one PT sessions. It was definitely the best decision ever.

I love what I do now – working as a personal trainer has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to develop even more professionally in order to be the best I can be for my clients.

Luziane Reed – PT